The healing powers of drawing.

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

For lots of people, it can sound 'normal' to hear an adult saying 'No, I don't know how to draw, I'm really bad'. Every time I hear someone saying that I get worried and ask them: Do you know how you stopped? When did that happen? Who told you that you are bad at drawing? When was your last attempt? I ask this because drawing should be part of everyone's life. It is how you can make visual any idea, concept, or emotion. In my entire life, I have never met a child who doesn't like to draw. I have calmed lots of conflicts and tantrums with my nephews and other children just with a piece of paper and a pen. Why? Because drawing is a powerful tool to change our mood, feelings, and perception of life. It also improves our intelligence. When we are drawing we are in the present moment. There is only one secret to using this tool well, and that is, not using judgement. The importance is in the process of doing, not in the final result. I love it when I can observe a drawing session of a child who has just let their imagination flow, moving a pencil, a pen, a marker, or whatever they can use in that moment of inspiration. Sometimes, in the process of creation of their masterpiece, the paper's edge is suddenly ignored and the line invades the couch, the wall, the floor, or any other surface because the idea needs to keep flowing. To me, that is real art. It is the power of drawing, the art that heals. If an adult who 'can't draw' tries to enjoy drawing like a child does, avoiding the use of any kind judgment, that person could heal emotional issues and traumas. That is because they are changing the way to materialise an emotion, which could be pictured and represented by colours and shapes, allowing them to heal in an inward-looking way. The benefits seen with art therapy are the best proof of this idea. Art is a healing tool, and drawing is one of its forms. I can check my emotions by drawing like anyone else. Drawing may improve our capacity to connect body, mind, and soul with the present moment. But everyone is different. For some, drawing can have the opposite effect and increase anxiety. Please listen to your own emotions, and of course, sometimes we may need to seek professional support to heal ourselves. This article is about wellbeing and self-care practices, like yoga or meditation. Helping others to find a way of self-healing pushed me to write this article, and to share this tool which still helps me in my daily life. In my case, drawing is the best anti-anxiety tool that I can access. It works if I use it as a catharsis and self-expression activity. In this blog, I will share exercises that can help anyone to try this self-knowledge tool. I will share different articles and also customised content for subscribers. I would love to see the results of your experiments if you share them with me. The therapeutic nature of art can be good medicine for these difficult moments. We only need to try, and now we have a lot of opportunities to create and learn more about it. Let's do it together and enjoying the process. Thanks for reading and for sharing this article.

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