Quarantine Art

Many of us are locked down, bored, maybe a bit sad, and thinking about doing some art as a form of therapy. But we don't have art supplies or money to spend on them.

Well, this article is about making art experiments with whatever we can access at home. Let's follow more the inspiration and intuition to create images that make us feel good. Any surface and material can be useful.

On this occasion, I have decided to paint with used tea bags as watercolour paints. I discovered that the colour depends on the type of tea! In this case, the hibiscus tea turned purple, and the chai tea turned golden brown. Also, I found some tiny colour pencils that I used to add some details.

Look in your house and tell me what you found, there are no limits. I will share here more ideas for art creation without spending any money. Because art shouldn't be in quarantine, and creativity either.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned.

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